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This question tells us whether or not someone is averse to bitterness. If you have to have salt on your food, you’re likely not a fan of bitterness, because you’re using salt to suppress it. In regard to recipes, this might mean that dishes with a particularly sweet component would be better than recipes featuring more bitter foods.

How do you like your coffee? *

This question says a lot about your preference for bitter flavors. If you prefer cappuccino over strong, black coffee, you're less likely to love bitter spices (turmeric, fenugreek).

Do you use ingredients or eat foods like fish sauce, anchovies, miso paste or aged cheeses? *

Umami is the "fifth taste", intensifying sweet and salty.  Bacon and beef jerky are umami packed while healthier umami flavors include kimchi, seaweed, miso soup, tomatoes and fish sauce. 

What do you have in your fridge? *

Thank you!  {{answer_We8e}}!  Here are some recipe & flavor ideas for you:
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